About Us

Company History

Kobbs Global Services Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian company incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matter Act of 1990 as a limited company. haulage services, heavy lifting, rig moving, and equipment leasing. For over 20 years, Kobbs has provided a vital link for businesses that require transportation and logistics support of consignments from Port Harcourt to different parts of the country. The aim of the company is to provide services in the objectives stated in the memorandum and articles of association of Kobbs Global services Nigeria limited, ever since been our as a leading logistics service provider. We have since built a reputation of reliability in the transportation of goods as well as our equipment leasing, largely due to our professional approach, competitive pricing and reliable vehicles. With the high quality of service we have always striven to preserve, Kobbs Global Services has become one of the most preferred transporters in Rivers state. Our equipment and vehicles are well maintained and serviced by our in- house maintenance crew, and our drivers and operators are properly screened before being hired. Here at Kobbs, we enforce an alcohol and drug-free workplace. We emphasize during our training of drivers that they remain courteous and polite to our customers, as every one of them represent us. Today, we are very proud of our achievements as we have successfully executed jobs in the oil and gas, construction and the energy sector

Our Vision

Kobbs has always been, and will continue to be a high service, customer-oriented business with planned growth to accommodate the transportation needs of all sectors, such as construction, energy, oil and gas sector etc, and become one of the industry leaders in years to come.

Core values

  •  We believe that our customers’ needs are critical and vital to their operation, and we understand their sense of urgency
  • We will provide the utmost quality of service, no matter how small or massive the task’s demands are.
  • We will provide innovative solutions and continuous improvements for our clientele.
  • We will promote safety, professionalism, and create an environment of mutual respect and teamwork
  •  We are positive and passionate about what we do.
  • We are honest and open, and keep our commitments.
  • We believe “the customer is always right”.